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Android for Autos   components :  

1 - Android for Autos Phone APP        (free)

2 - Android for Autos BOX  ($79)

All of the following functions are available for your car:

Waze, Google Maps, In-unit Music, Cloud Music via Google Play Music, latest NPR news, over 23000 radio stations, Weather, Phone Screen-casting from your phone to the car, Notifications, Google assistant and more.


Android for Autos Box is wirelessly controlled by the Phone APP

Fits all cars equipped with video-in (AUX video)


Easy to install 

No changes to original car system

Touchscreen (in car) is not needed 

Controlled by the phone APP and by voice

Phone APP controls  box wirelessly 

Raw 1
Raw 2

1 - Android Phone APP - free

The Phone App is connected  to Android For Autos Box via wifi (your Android phone hotspot or your car wifi hot spot ) 

Raw 3

2 - Android For Autos Box

Android For Autos Box is easy to install in your car (no tools needed)  


Get started with MMI+   Android For Autos BOX

Ready To Go 

Buy ready to go Android For Autos Box 

All  Apps are pre-installed 

$79 via PayPal or credit card . This is a one-time purchase 

$6  Shipping  to USA address

PayPal ButtonPayPal Button

  $79 + $6 shipping

Connecting  Android For Autos  Box 

1st option 

Connect Android for Auto box to your existing car screen, if your car has video Aux -In   

RCA (AV)                         OR                                HDMI


In this option, "Video in motion"  must be enabled in your car, for Android For Autos  to function while driving.

Note : if you car does not have Video AUX ,many vendors sell aftermarket video Interface for most cars

Check  This   or This 

2nd option

When AUX  (video-in) can not be fitted to car's existing  screen you  can

buy a screen (click Images to view on Amazon

or Ebay)

Connect the Android For Autos  Box  to the external screen using HDMI or AV connections.


Car Bluetooth systems allow 2 Android devices to be connected to the car simultaneously 

A) Connect your Android phone  as "Phone"

B) Connect the Android For Autos Box as a "Music device" (A2DP)


This way you can use your hands-free Bluetooth phone to make and receive calls (as normal) while playing sounds from  the Android For Autos Box via the car stereo system  (Music, Waze, notifications etc.)


No Video in  motion activation  is needed for this option

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